Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THE Vote

The process is on-going. Meaning, the "Body" I'd amending, voting, amending, deliberating, and a few of us are tweeting. Brother Chris Bowman did an excellent job of setting context and perspective this morning in the Bible study. I felt the atmosphere inside me change, lighten, perhaps be lifted by the holy spirit. Now, sitting in the non-delegate section, after votes, statements, and such, the spirit sems thinner, above us perhaps, not within. But I confess to my own perspective, which I can't claim as the word of God.

We each have a perspective. The old 70's song, "walk a mile in my shoes" would be nice, but how can I really do that? And so it appears that the body remains divided. We await the FINAL vote on the Standing Committee recommendation, as amended by Bro. Jim Myer. If adopted, we are done and both the Statement of forgiveness and confession AND the Query on the language against same-sex covenants, WILL BE RETURNED. Which means NOT adopted.

There will be the SC recommendation, as amended, on our "books" and the language of the 1983 paper will be affirmed. It is 11:05 am and amendments are still being proposed. Please follow on-line if you can. http://www.brethren.org/webcasts/ac2011.html

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