Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blogging from ANNUAL CONFERENCE Business

What else to do when you are in Conference business, not a delegate, and have free WIFI? (thanks BBT). You can find the Standing Commitee's recommendstions for both the special response items, and other business items, on-line. They will present their recommendation on the special response items tonight, but no action will be taken then. Currently- Josh Brockway just presented the Congregstionsl Ethics Study Committee's report. Issue is for the future, the recommended future changes (and added work) will come to the entire body, but since Office Of Ministry intends to bring paper next year for ministry revisions (1st reading), any changes to Congregstionsl paper (thus polity) should be coordinated to land on a different year. Now an extended break so we sing. Maybe I should turn from this blog to tumbler for these updates? Hmmm

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