Thursday, January 12, 2017

so much for keeping up to date on blogging. Perhaps this is something to do when I have less on my plate?

I had a good run with 90s songs for sermon titles. So I've decided to give the boomers a shot at this and have suggested we use 60-70's songs. (late 50's for the older boomers) But so far, no suggestions. I will wait a bit and see if they get with the program.

Meanwhile, here's a pic from our recent (this week) little trip to 7-Springs.

Not too far above where I caught an edge and went down on Wednesday when the snow got soft at the bottom of the runs. A great and varied 3 days of skiing. A few hours of powder on Monday night, some powder then frozen on Tuesday, then frozen rain and rain, "Spring-skiing" on Wednesday. All this on January 9-11!