Monday, July 4, 2011

Seeking Common Ground

Ok, so Standing Committee says congregations may continue to WELCOME anyone to come worship. No mention of church leadership. They did mention that many congregations ignore AC statements about including women in ministerial leadership, and approving militarism, (or lack of opposing violence). And that ignore AC statments such as thise can be done without punitive action. I struggle to get the language of these answers. The minute statements are tough but needed for "the body" to hear each other.
Sounds like the only answer is to not answer, "we can now stop trying to change each other." = statement at mic.
Now 'concerns' are at mic(s).
" redo human sexuality paper."
"SC recommendation is a stumbling block"
Jim Myer; a respected voice in all quarters. He has acted with integrity even when he disagrees.
"concern with glaring contrast of conference theme (Extending Jesus' Table) and the recommendation of returning the query."
On going concerns are indicated by long lines at all the mics.
Concern for connection to polity so people know what to do when they leave.
Moderator rules out clapping following speeches.
Scripture offered along with faith statements

I think I'll publish this because it's getting too long for the page I'm working on.
Looks like the conversations will continue for a bit. Please forgive typos.

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