Friday, July 22, 2011

Circle of Protection

Yay for the leaders who put together the "Circle of Protection" and went to see the President. How can we continue to fund war & weapons while the most vulnerable bear the cuts of programs that barely help them stay alive? Please God, open ALL our eyes~!
"...we told the president some good news about how a Circle of Protection has formed in response to this crisis. It is now the most unified and broadest coalition of churches that any of us has ever seen -- and is endorsed by our brothers and sisters of other faiths and secular organizations who also work for low-income people.
We made our simple principle clear: The most vulnerable should be protected in any budget or deficit agreements -- as a non-partisan commitment. The most vulnerable need a special exemption from all spending cuts as they usually have had in previous times of deficit reduction. We told President Obama that this is what God requires of all of us." (see link above for full article on SoJo"