Monday, September 12, 2016

New Week, New Idea

I came up with the inspiration last week of naming my sermon "Losing My Religion" after R.E.M.'s 1991 hit. Then I wondered, "What if I named all my fall sermons from 90's song titles?" Just going through my iTunes I found loads of options and created a potential list. But if you have a favorite, send me the title.
Meanwhile, maybe I can create a sidebar for the list. Next week's could be

By the way, I linked to the official music videos but haven't watch them lately or yet. So I can't vouch for the content. :-)

Off to lectionary group to see how this idea flies!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Spiritual Time Off - a gift for fall

I just wrote someone that time off is sometimes the best spiritual gift!. September is such a busy time for families and workers. Everyone seems to feel the "Back to school/work/session". I wonder if we feel it more in Washington DC?

This week actually feels a little better than last week, but there's still so much to do, just not as much running around. Since there is so much sitting, reading and typing to go along with planning and fall events, I am trying to keep up a daily workout that became more part of my life in July when I was on vacation. It feels good. But it sure is hot, so I'm going to an AC gym thanks to Arlington's 55+ "Gold" plan and their senior/community centers.

Funny how much of the work I'm doing will include recommending people take time for spiritual outings, spiritual classes, etc. So this Friday we cancelled a Young Adult meal and discussion. Perhaps the time will be the best spiritual gift of all.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sermon Writing

After a month of wonderful community worship where I preached once and shared leadership for worship one service, I'm now back to study and writing a message. How quickly one gets out of the habit. Fortunately, our lectionary group kept meeting during this month. Each Monday we reviewed the scriptures and shared observations, insights, and ideas for preaching. What an awesome group for which I am very grateful.

Meanwhile, it has been a 'catch-up' month for visits and admin. I should no longer be surprised that then end of August through September is some of my busiest time. Planning for fall. Even though the days of "Rally Day" kick-offs at church are long gone. (I am old enough to remember them.) There is still an increase in programs to plan, even for a small church. We have the re-start of Intergenerational Sunday School once per month called "Big Sunday". Regular classes on Sunday resume and since we are small, it is a challenge to create some function form of Christian education that appeals and works for most people, while maintaining enough of the 'old school' classes to satisfy those who prefer the familiar ways. And our twice a month podcast Dunker Punks Podcast  continues. So life is full.

I'm trying to maintain an increased level of physical workouts that I managed for a good bit of the summer. That too is a challenge. Yoga at church on Wednesdays (5:45 pm) helps because Wednesdays are always full to overflowing days.

I keep getting notices on my Apple Watch from a project app that I have 67 "To Dos" awaiting me. Guess I haven't cleared those in a while! (Like maybe all summer?) I'm afraid to look.

I do enjoy planning worship, a lot! It may be my favorite thing of all. So now, that I've completed most of my reading, if I can create a message that challenges and brings us closer to God.  No small task.