Friday, March 21, 2014

Sermon Writing Block

What is it about life that doesn't seem to allow time for blogging? -You know, the kind of reflection that is needed in all of living. Then along comes the time to write a message or create questions for the congregation and I'm dry. Is it because I took in the reading but failed to reflect?

or is it the cold medicine and the sneezing that gets in the way?

There's always something isn't there? Something, someone to blame.
I feel the mirror anytime I say something, it's pointed back at me.

Do you thirst?
I thirst.

Have you misunderstood?
I don't understand.

How can these bones live?
How can I be born again?
How will you get water without a bucket?
You can't get blood or water from a stone!

But God can.

....any time now would be nice, O God, beyond my comprehension.