Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vacation; rain delay

It has been a restful vacation so far. Last week's focus was the house (after Monday's funeral) and some good family time. I had a mother-daughter 'sleep-over' at Mel's. We got one of the closet's painted at the house, the back bedroom towel racks up, (Fitz did this) and the carpet measured. Lowe's took a long time for their parts so altho we picked out a color, our estimate is in, but they aren't sure the sample they gave us is the same as the carpet we selected so we have to confirm the color and get an installation date. So there is work to do when we get back. Unfortunately, much of it will fall on Fitz as I will be back to work.

Meanwhile, we had a nice drive down, a relaxing Sunday with good food and a little grocery shopping. We also played 9 holes yesterday and considering I haven't played all year, it wasn't too bad. Today we had a lovely start with coffee on the deck out at the inlet and a great omelet. Fitz left for the golf course and I took too long getting everything perfect for the beach. By the time I got there and put up my umbrella, I only sat for a minute, and decided to take a dip since it was noon and hot. I had a very nice swim. I love the warm water temps here and it was just a touch cooler than yesterday so it was perfect. Lots of waves too. Then I looked up. It didn't take long to realize I needed to pack it up and walk back to the condo. Luckily it is only a 2 block walk and I made it before the skies opened. There was already thunder and a couple lightening cracks. the rest of the day has been spent, reading, watching tv and napping. Fitz brought home the planned shrimp and fresh corn for a great dinner. Now what more could anyone ask for?

It's getting dark and more rain has moved in. But the truth is, I needed this easy restful time. I don't feel the necessity to go out and 'do' things. Each morning I go out on the screen porch with coffee, prayerbook and the psalms. (Plus the Bonhoeffer devotional) When the clouds allow, I watch the sunset from the same porch. (Can you tell I love screened porches?)

I pray for those back home in the congregation and the family. (Poor Cole has developed a nerve/disc problem and is spending the week with Mel and James so his neck can heal.) And I just enjoy this time. Hopefully there will be more golf and more beach even if tomorrow ends up being another day of storms.

It's the definition of vacation.. I do believe. Picture to come.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Vacation, books and golf?

I'm on vacation!
Have been since Tuesday and it has been nice to do something without thinking about a sermon at the end of the week. (Since our weeks end on Sunday.) We've been working on fixing up some things at the house we own before new tenants (great friends) move in. Last night I had a mother-daughter 'sleep-over' with Mel. Tomorrow we leave for the beach and Lowell will be here to take care of the dogs.
It is nice and I am really enjoying the rest. (Even if I did get up at 6 this morning for the commute into DC with Mel.) I'm about to go pack and get ready for some beach time. So nice to have time to take, a son to watch the dogs and the house, and a great hubby with whom to enjoy the time. YAY for VACATION.