Monday, July 18, 2011

A New Conversation #1

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I want to begin a conversation that has several parts to it. I hope by posting on this blog page, we will be able to discuss together what it means to live in these time, to be people who follow the ‘Jesus Way’ 2000 years after he lived, and learn from each other as we ‘talk’ using the medium of the web. For now, I have no way to enable comments here, but I’m working on it. So please, email me, call the office, tweet a comment (@ArlingtonCoB) and let me know what you think.
Conversation 1: It’s Not About You
While there are few congregations that cannot stand some improvement, much of what is being faced and experienced by many mainline Protestant churches is not about them. It is about the end of an era, a sea change in the religious ecology of North America and the role of congregations in our society. American Christendom is over. While this may not be news to most clergy, it remains news for many in our congregations. Church leaders need to do a better job of helping their congregations understand what is meant by “Christendom” and what that era meant in terms of church role, Christian formation, mission, and the role of clergy. The end of Christendom means that congregations must learn anew how to do adult Christian formation. Too highly rational or intellectual congregations need to rediscover spirituality. They need to reencounter both mystery and a living God.
The above is quote from Anthony Robinson’s article “Changing the Conversation” at I like to talk about it with you, readers, members of ACoB, and friends.
What does it mean to be at the end of an era where Christianity reigned?
How scary will be “re-encountering mystery”?
What will our congregation need to do to live in this post-Christian world while still being a witness for Christ?
Let’s talk about it.

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