Friday, August 9, 2013

New Flora (Stomach)

I want new stomach flora! Whenever I read about the testing on different stomach flora for thinner and heavier people (and rats, where most tests are done) I want new flora! So my latest kick is pro-biotics. I not only take a supplement, I'm drinking Kefir. I really like it, although I am drinking commercial fruit smoothie versions.
I would like to make my own Kefir and hope to find someone or someplace to get the grains!

It's a different kind of 'reviving' than I usually talk about since that is our monthly theme at church. But maybe there is some correlation. I can put in the 'new' but need to do something to get rid of the 'old'. Eating right is the discipline, but not just 'right' because it means I can eat almost no carbs. (sigh) and that becomes a problem when I want to CHEW something or put my hummus on something besides carrots. Ah well, perhaps this reviving is a slower process than I'd like. It is also taking extra effort to work out because the gym (TJ) is closed for the month due to the County Fair. Oh and did I mention it's hot again? So for all the excuses, and the workouts that I continue to do, and the golf, and the restricted diet, and the kefir, has anything changed? 
 I guess I need to be a rat and get my stomach tested to find out.
 I find it difficult not to sing the Smashing Pumpkins. (...rat in a cage...)

Back to work.
Hello my friends, here's a posting from the Pastor's Diary

It's me again. My how the summer flies, especially when we have unexpected spring-like days! Today it feels like August again, but that is why we have that wonderful invention called air-conditioning!

It's quiet here in the office today. Nancy W. worked different days in order to have today off and will be away on Monday also, but in the office on Tuesday of next week. (in case you need her) It's so quiet I had to make a new playlist in order to keep working on the message for Sunday. (but I've stayed off Facebook for now)

I'm still surrounded by the pieces from the many NT stations we explored last week. It has to be a bit surprising to arrive at church and find the sanctuary recreated into the books of the New Testament. While we don't do that very often, I appreciate your willingness to take the time to explore and comment on what you found. The discussion during the "Talk-On" session was amazing. Again, thank you to the station creators and to those who helped clean up! I hope you found something to challenge you or spark your interest in learning more. Several pieces from the stations are now on the hallway bulletin board so you can visit anything you missed.
 Our month-long emphasis is "Revive Us Again!" John Dettra said we should have sung it last week. I'm not sure we are all familiar with the same version. Warren sent me a cd of Michael Stern's version and I found this version on You-Tube, Greg Allen does a really nice job in less that 3 minutes. Listen if you can!
We will talk about what it means to have a transformed heart and a transformed life in the next couple of weeks. I have felt revived since returning from a restful vacation. We visited friends, played (a lot) of golf and spent some time on Surfside Beach in SC (just south of Myrtle Beach.) Here's a picture from one day. IMG_1510

Vacations are needed but real reviving takes even more than rest. I hope you are finding some sources for renewing your spirit, here when you are in worship, in the New Testament, and among the members of Christ's body who love and care for you! Many of us like to share these experiences of the Spirit. So feel free to reply, or tell others while we share Root Beer Floats this Sunday after worship! See you then!

Pastor Nancy

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