Friday, November 5, 2010

Time To Right

I'm off lectionary this week back to 2 Timothy for a Bethany Seminary Sunday. Meanwhile the congregation has thrown all their efforts into making everything right for our annual bazaar called "Soup & Pie". I just got back from making the signs listing all the soups and pies to be sold tomorrow. WOW, it will be hard to stick to just the healthy (mostly) soups and stay away from the pies. #NOT

Timothy's challenge is to "Preach The Word" (or proclaim it as the NRSV says) and make your living right. I'm not sure what our soups and pies proclaim, but the table full of Servv International Products, Fair Trade Coffee, recycled items at the craft table and White Elephant sale, and the donation table for Heifer all say something about keeping our priorities right.

So I hope our actions and especially our welcome to the neighborhood, proclaims the word tomorrow. (And maybe this sermon will get right and 'write'n by Sunday.)

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Mompriest said...

awesome! I hope it goes well.