Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Mourning After

"Despite the financial hard times felt across the land, a virtual fire hose of cash has fueled this year's races -- $4 billion, all told. That's an 80 percent jump in congressional campaign contributions from just two years ago, according to NPR's Peter Overby." NPR News

My political loyalties are out today in mourning. I can't help it. I don't believe the way through the rest of this recession is a return to the policies that aided the crash. I think it takes longer than two years to turn things around. AND I don't want my adult children to lose the health care they were just guaranteed. #yespoliticsispersonal

We shall see what comes next.
-My hope is that the proponents of this "new change" will hold all elected officials feet to the fire.
-My hope is there will still be policy makers who care about ending hunger.
-My hope is -for hope- to still exist in the legislative world so we can have change not just bickering while people go without income, without food, without health care.

The quote with which I began shows there is money among the rich or those powerful enough to seek changes that protect their interests. Will any money make it to places of real need? 'Trickle Down' has never worked before. There's too much greed at the top. We need open pipes to pour. Pour your blessings down O Lord, we need them!

"You will save a lowly people, but you will humble the haughty eyes." Psalm 18:28


Mompriest said...

That is a powerful quote and says a lot about the state of our world and the priorities....I really think that what is behind this is NOT an interest in working together or in change BUT in keeping things as they are/were BEFORE we had an African American President. I think a lot of this is racism disguised as, well, the bad mean behavior we are seeing play itself out. It is most disconcerting to me when women get sucked into this as if by using women that means the issue really isn't the issue- see because we have Sarah Palin it really isn't about a black man.

harsh assessment? maybe. wrong? maybe. But maybe I have a point....

thanks for this, though...

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

It is a good point and how ironic that using a woman is the way to cover discrimination!

I am concerned that we not go back. The changes were slow, but since we work in the church, we understand "Slow Change". These were the first positive changes in a very long time and it is worse than sad if they get reversed.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that educated people hold to this drivel. What do you think wealthy people do with their money--put it into a mattress or a vault? They do not. They invest it into factories, farms, and other things that provide jobs to people, and that serve as places for others to invest--such as the BBT Pension Plan. Those people then buy food, homes, and invest some more. If a wealthy person buys a yacht, someone has to build it and equip it. If she buys a house, someone has to build it, make furniture for it, and likely clean it. All providing the jobs people need.

Even if wealthy people just put money into a bank on interest, that money is then lent out to people to buy homes, businesses, and so on.

And where in the world do you have the right to buy any product if you don't have the money? This world existed for thousands of years before the concept of health insurance. Most of the world gets along without it now. I am not sure why I need to provide for your health insurance through my labor.