Saturday, November 20, 2010

Grateful a week ahead of time.

I realize it doesn't have to be Thanksgiving to be grateful but today I am especially grateful for a congregation who acts like we are all in this together (duh). I am losing the battle against a cold and suspect my voice to be limited tomorrow. I've lined up four people to help with the service. How awesome is that?

The choir is singing "Jesus Remember Me" interspersed with the gospel reading from Luke and a few more verses. I think it will be the high point of the service. I've posted my sermon at another site that seems to accept the paste in from Word easier than Blogger does. If you are interested look here.

Council meeting is after church and I have all but one thing in my Keynote presentation. The commissions have created "board games" for their report.
Witness - the Game of Life (of Outreach)
Nurture - Nurture not Monotony
Stewards - Have been working on the Railroad

Since hardly anyone reads written reports, these interactive creations will be a lot more fun to see. They are quite impressive also as you get a visual sense of all the work that was done in a year.

Now I just need a couple paper dolls for the children's story and someone is even helping me with most of that. #awesomecongregation

So I'm going to rest for the rest of the evening. THANKS BE TO GOD.

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Mompriest said...

rest well. I hope it all goes well!