Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Quick Reflections

Today I see why some pastors take Monday off. My usual Sunday is now quite different from the years that included late Sunday evenings in Youth Ministry. Although I miss youth ministry, I usually am glad to have Sunday evenings at home. Yesterday was different since it was COB re-licensing day and I was on the team to do a couple interviews. Add a meeting to it and the fact that it was up in Md. and I didn't get home until after 10 pm. Meanwhile, someone went to the hospital immediately (EMTs) following church. (My sermon has never made anyone that sick before.) Traffic was so heavy I couldn't get there before needing to leave for the afternoon meeting. Others from the congregation went to check on this person, as they'd promised and between texts and messages to the house, I learned that it was eventually decided that a night in the hospital was needed. Fortunately, the patient seems ok.

So this morning, I need to run over there. I have an appointment and meeting tonight and a little prep-shopping for the meeting. I made myself stay in bed (not hard) when I first woke up and now have been reading and reflecting a bit. It's time to move on. I feel the longing to sit in a cathedral. I must need the special "sanctuary" that such a place provides. Perhaps tomorrow will include a trip to National as that is so possible living here!

I want to walk today and to read. I hope I manage to at least get one of those accomplished. Yesterday was a special day in many ways as we lifted up our seminary during the worship service and heard from one of the congregation's seminary grads. It was a good day also, just to hear about others' ministries in the district and to see a few friends at the interviewing event. But we heard a brief presentation on Self-Care, so I think I'll make room for a little of that at some point today.

Ah Mondays.

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Mompriest said...

I have almost always had Monday off. I liked it much better than say, Wednesday which I had to take for awhile when I served on a multiclergy staff. I even prefer Monday to Friday since I'd end up working on Friday (semon prep)...