Thursday, May 26, 2011


I preached with my iPad on Sunday instead of a manuscript. I keep saying this to commend myself on my technology...but I obviously am not 'there' yet. I deleted the document to save space in my DropBox and did not post it to my blog. Not that every sermon needs to go here, but still.. Anyway, I went looking on my laptop and evidently I had ONLY the DropBox copy. Now, before DropBox, I kept copies on my hard drive, printed, emailed to myself, and on a flashdrive. Somehow, I got lazy or secure and kept only the one copy, a pdf that was still sitting in iBooks. Now I don't have Adobe and can't go in and copy it. But I have something else to post. a mindmap.

I've been using another new program called "Total Recall" to 'map out' my sermons before writing. It's tricky because I can't just copy and paste that text either. But I can email myself the html and paste that into a word or pages document. I then use that as the outline for my sermon. Only I have to be more linear than I would normally, in order for the html to print in the order I need. Maybe I'm defeating the whole purpose of mindmapping. ah well.

Here's last Sunday's sermon, as a map: (based on the previous week's lectionary text, of John 10:1-10)


Terri said...

I just learned about dropnox...and find that I "naturally" follow some of this map on my own!

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

Thanks for stopping by, Terri. I love dropbox, but can't figure why some of my mac apps won't connect to it directly.
Anyway, see you at the preacher's party in a few.