Monday, May 16, 2011


Steve & I were prom dates b/c we were the kind of friends that could just be together, even when dating other people. (We are the seated couple on the right.)
Last night I heard that a dear friend from high school, (Gary) Steve Newman had died. I found myself thinking, "Only the good die young." While still searching for information about a service for him, other high school friends are finding each other on Facebook. The pictures are shocking because they look vaguely familiar. They are familiar because I'm in them - yet also so vastly different than the 'me' of today. The 40 years have held many other friendships, including marriages for most of us, yet a few minutes with these pictures takes me right back. Even seeing Tom's picture reminds me of what is past, as he was the first of our group to die.
 So today is for memories and reconnecting. Perhaps by tomorrow there will be more information. I hold Steve's wife Barb in my prayers & their kids and grandchildren. I can't imagine how difficult these next few days will be.  (and if any of my HS friends have her phone #, please send it to me in a message.) Barb was Gary/Steve's soul-mate. He even wrote it on his company web-site when talking about who he was. Barb was his best-friend AND wife. I remember how happy they were at their wedding and can only imagine that same joy as each child was born. Most recently he sent me pictures of their newest grandchild. He was overjoyed.     I'm full of memories & some tears. Memories - of all kinds, are today's fare; of 'the gang' from TRHS So. & No., of friends, here and departed. Rest in Peace, my friend.

I'm upper left, Steve is middle right.

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