Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Been Thinking

I've been thinking, and I should be dusting, but instead here I am, blogging. I want to incorporate internet or social media response to a spiritual emphasis for the congregation and related friends this summer. I was reading a great article today about the changing environment for churches. It's nothing new for me as I've been reading this stuff for quite some time, but as I read, I was confronted with the fact that not everyone in our congregations is aware of the dramatic shift in Christianity here in "post-Christendom" times.
I'm thinking about a weekly post based on Anthony Robinson's '3rd way' article for Alban (and related book)
which we'd distribute by email, blog, and web and about which people would be encouraged to respond in like fashion. I would also print a few copies of each post on PAPER and have a couple PAPER journals for the folks who don't have internet. What do you think? Could it actually stir up the conversation and advance ideas about what the 'church' needs to do?
Will it allow us to reflect on whether we are still being faithful and what it means to 'serve Jesus' or even be a 'witness'? I sure hope so, perhaps I'll present some of these ideas later this week at a meeting. For now, I guess I'd better dust. . .

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Sharon said...

Thank you for writing this. I also saw that Alban article and was intrigued. I do like your idea and may try it out with my own congregation, or a smaller group.