Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wracking my brains

"What social gathering rocked my socks off?" I'm wracking my brains for a social gathering I attended. What qualifies as a social gathering? Sunday morning worship? There were a few GREAT ones. (In my not-humble-enough opinion.) Parties? Hmmm, did I go to any? I know, there was one at a friend's house; a surprise b-day party. It was fun. I missed the next one b/c I was sick. I had dinner at three homes, a new neighborhood friend, a parishioner, and thanksgiving. They were each wonderful.

I'm not sure what it would take to 'rock my socks off'. hmmm, perhaps this will be a day to think about it. What rocks yours?

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Terri said...

well...I had my socks rocked off this year, but it was no party and not at all fun....although I did have a really nice dinner outside in a friend's backyard in San Francisco - good food, good wine, good company.