Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5 minutes of memory

5 minutes to capture the memories of 2010...GO.

The move to Arlington and getting settled in has been wonderful. It such an interesting time-machine-like feeling to drive around the places I remember from the mid-70's and know I am on the same roads but they all look so different. The reflection that comes with 35 years perspective and the scary thought that so much of my life has passed. Wondering about the neighborhoods as I drive through old short-cuts has me speculating the what-ifs. Yet I am so thankful that my life went in the direction it did.

The snow. I can't remember this much snow since the kids were little and built snow Sesame-Street figures and we colored them with food coloring. Or when I was very little and tanks had to come down the street in Stratford, NJ to clear the roads. It was a great way to meet the neighbors.

Lettuce: Joan Horwitt's lettuce-growing program and healthy lunch at school was an amazing fun experience. My lettuce didn't turn out well and I got involved mostly due to my role as pastor of the neighborhood church and yet it turned out to be FUN and a great way to meet great people. I'm excited about doing it again and again.

Arlington COB! I never want to forget the feeling of working alongside this congregation in partnership-ministry. I don't know how else to explain it. EVERYONE take part in the ministry of this congregation. EVERYONE feels ownership of what we do. People are positive and open to new experiences and adventures. Perhaps its part of the traditional "honeymoon" for the pastor. (This has been my 2nd year.) Still it is a wonderful place to be in ministry and I am so very blessed to have been called as pastor.

The House: How neat to be living in a different house after 25 years in Warrenton. I love this place and really enjoy having space for writing and reading away from TV. A whole office for me to work, a dining room corner for this kind of reflection and morning devotions, a separate living room for people to chat. And to think I never wanted a split-foyer on our property. Sometimes bad memories can cause you to make bad decisions. I love our little Cape Cod in the woods, but am SOOO thankful for the space of this 1960's neighborhood home surrounded by parks and backing onto a small ravine of woods. Life is good.

Health: My ankle healed, doctors are being switched and family crisis overcome. It has been a full year and now we are all coming back together in this house for a while. Life IS good.

Thanks be to God!!!

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Terri said...

wonderful for all of you! may the blessings continue.