Monday, December 27, 2010

A New Year message to the congregation

I write this as I view the Northeast’s fresh blanket of snow in pictures posted from New Jersey to New England. We were spared this blast but memories of last year’s snow remain rather fresh in my mind. The best part of a snow is the fresh landscape we see. (Especially when viewed from a warm indoor location.) Each step outside creates a new path where no one has gone before, or so it seems. The new year presents similar opportunities to begin again and start over. I trust we can find ways to begin anew this year. May I suggest the following fresh starts:
• A pledge – if you haven’t already done so, a pledge to this congregation is also a promise to God. It includes our finances but can be much more. With a pledge, we promise to do something specific that will bring us closer to God in 2011 with our service. Vague intentions are easy to ignore; “I’ll eat healthier, I’ll work harder.” But specific pledges are goals that are measurable and keep us accountable to ourselves and to our faith family. Here’s a few ideas and opportunities,
o Witness Commission sponsors volunteer options on the 4th Sunday evening of the month at Sunrise Retirement Home, calling Bingo for residents.
o Witness also sponsors the alternate month 1st Saturday at AFAC (Arlington Food Assistance Center)
o Financial Pledge cards are still available from the Financial Secretary, or in the office.
o Stewards Commission is recruiting a “Light Snow Removal Crew”, see related article in this newsletter.
o Stewards maintains a “To Do” List of small items that need work around the church. They can be done on your schedule and availability.
o Church Office help is often valuable, especially when staff takes vacation. Put your name on a list of people willing to sit with phones, make copies or type as needed.
o Attend a Sunday Class or week-day Bible Study. Two adult options, a youth class and childrens class are held on Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. A week-day Bible study will begin in the early spring.
o Form a new relationship by befriending someone new to church. Invite them to lunch after worship or to dinner at your home and learn what you have in common as partners in the congregation
o Form a prayer partnership with someone at church, promising to pray for each other and perhaps with each other during the year.
The opportunities to increase our faith by being a servant and friend are endless. Share your ideas with me and you will soon see them in print or on my blog. May God bless all of us with opportunities to be faithful in 2011.

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Terri said...

we live simultaneously in a non-commitment world and an overly-committed world. sigh..I hope the people in your congregation are inspired to commit!