Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blogging when the sermon won't come together.

I've missed several prompts, but have let go of somethings this year, and do have something I'd like to make - just waiting for me to feel like needle work again. I've discovered community in the neighborhood when Boulevard Manor resident and Ashlawn Elementary students and church members all came together to grow lettuce and put on a salad-lunch at school. It was done in the spring and again this winter and has stirred or re-stirred interest in re-claiming the Reeves property for a learning garden site.

Regarding what makes me different, I'm not sure I'm the one to reflect on that. I think its my openness and interest in new things, especially new technology. I see tech as a way to connect and look for ways to use it with depth to connect with people who I might not otherwise speak with or even know. Old technology like phones are taken for granted. Yet they were once the high-tech of the day. I just used the phone to "visit" with several people I would never catch up with in this busy season. Now I will go visit in person IF I can find someone at home. Meanwhile, I have learned how several folks are doing.

Why not Twitter, Facebook, and email and blogger as ways to be in touch? So I use them all and enjoy the new friends and even comments of strangers. It has been a joy to be back in touch with friends from college this year. Maybe another way I'm different is that I seem to move into new phases of life and have little touch with those from past times. There are exceptions; very special friend from High School, a very special friend from seminary, and recently my college roommate, a few others, but even distant family takes a back seat to what's right in front of me. This year I heard from my Uncle Jack who I haven't talked with since my mom died. You just never know what a year will bring. And THAT difference, I love!

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