Saturday, July 3, 2010

Too early to blog?

Is it every too early to blog? I don't think well at early hours but I just finished my first cup of coffee so maybe I can put a few words together. Today is the last session of the Ministers' Pre-Conference Event with my friend, Nancy Ferguson. She has laid the ground work for the way to build a community that can form disciples. Last night she started to connect the pieces so we could see that the games we play create a safe and welcoming place in which we can share our stories of faith. As we get into the biblical stories of the faithful we can begin to connect themes to our lives and see where we have acted like Hagar and tried to preempt God, or like Saul and had to be knocked off our horses and struck blind before we could 'get with God's program'. Today there will be more connection making along with the importance of connecting disciples of God to God's creation.

Meanwhile, I keep reading my sermon for Tuesday night. I need to retype and pay to print it, but alas, it will be worth it, right? I can't keep marking up my copy with pens and expect to follow it...
Oh, and I saw them setting up the chairs in the big room yesterday and caught my breath, its a lot of chairs! No risers, everyone is on one floor level (for better or worse) with 3 big screens. I need to get up on that stage and look out for a feel of this. My heart is pounding even thinking about it.

Well, time to get a move on and get more coffee.

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Mompriest said...

You'll be awesome and the Holy Spirit will have your back.