Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Webcasts and Annual Conference

Annual Conference is winding down. Tonight's worship service was well attended and I was very warmly greeted by many friends. It was so nice to look out and see a couple rows of folks from Arlington and Manassas and Nokesville. It was also really cool to know friends were watching  by webcast. Christ Douglas said about 1000 people have been watching by web, at least on Sunday. Arlington used the webcast for Sunday's worship, even if the sound was a little out of sync.

When I used my 'i-touch' as an illustration tonight, several people came close to texting me while I was preaching. ha ha, but wifi wasn't free so it wouldn't come through!

Many thanks to all the folks from our congregation who came up just for tonight's worship. A special thanks to Robyn and Diana for coming to be in the skit. It really seemed to work! Humor can bring a point home the way nothing else can.

It was a little strange to literally get a cheer when I came out to the section where Arlington was sitting. How often does one get cheered after a sermon? Ha, THAT's a once in a life-time happening!

I hope the sample hearing went well tonight during the insight session. I wanted to go but really need to eat so we went to Primanti's to get a crazy sandwich that included coleslaw and french fries ON THE SANDWICH. Life is good and that part of it is done. Tomorrow winds things up for Moderator Shawn Replogle and the gavel gets passed along with blessings and the laying on of hands to Brother Robert Alley.

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Mompriest said...

YAY YOU!!! Sounds like an aweseom conference and sermon.