Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where did the green go?

I 'woke-up' to yellow leaves outside my window. In all fairness, they have been turning colors for some time now. In fact, they are beginning to fall quite rapidly, my husband raked a whole yard-full to the curb last night. Still, I realized that life has been so busy that I've barely stopped to notice the changes. I realized as I drove up to Union Bridge, MD on Sunday that I'd missed most of the fall colors. I don't drive much anymore, thanks to living so close to everything. When I do drive it's short jaunts of a mile or 2. It takes those long drives through the countryside to see the fall colors. Today I paid attention to the colors outside my window. Last time I remember having a few minutes to just enjoy the view, the leaves were mostly green. Now there there is only a hint of green overwhelmed by the yellow against a background of brown. It will soon be time for fires in the fireplace and bowls of soup and chili. (Tonight's supper)

Time is a precious thing. I don't know how this fall got so busy, but I think I will enjoy the last of it as I travel with friends to the Progressive Brethren Conference tomorrow and return on the train Monday. Perhaps this weekend will be good for 'taking stock' in many ways..and for listening to the leaves fall as I watch the last of the green disappear.

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