Monday, November 7, 2011

Haunted by your own sermon

I have that post-sermon feeling of wondering if it was 'right' or 'ok' or even a good idea. A little technical difficulty occurred, my own fault for not having the plug in completely. Then the WIFI signal dropped as I moved which I knew might happen. It left me without notes in a few places and speaking from memory and the slides alone. (I guess that was ok... just stressful.) I can think of all the, "I should have...." but the real question is, did it accomplish anything, true to the gospel, to share Amos' dire predictions? (If you want to see the show, scroll down to the link in the previous post for the slides, without animations.)
I enjoyed trying the slide-sermon. I learned something new about what you can present with pictures while your words are less severe. But I can't know what was actually heard.
Prophecy comes up again during Advent, this time a good news prophecy. (At least the way Christians interpret it looking back.) I always struggle with that re-interpretation and the traditional meaning that the prophets seemed to be foretelling. How can we know what they really 'fore-saw'? Relating it to Chris's birth seems like the 'same-old'. Even though the Christmas story is the same each year, I'd like to present it in a way that challenges us to commit again to follow the one who was born so long ago.
Oh well, back to Monday morning musings, I guess.


Terri said...

Ah, I was wondering how it went. I think it is always a good idea to push the limits on how and what we preach, even if it isn't "our best"...I imagine those who were there will remember this sermon, and what you said for a long while...that alone makes it worth while.

Terri said...

I did a PowerPoint presentation from my laptop at our diocesan convention but used the iPad for the script. I then ended up carrying the laptop and iPad for the duration of the convention (2 days) because I did OT have a secure place to leave it. Would have been much easier to use my iPad....but, I would have had to have the script printed out on paper. That, or have two iPads, or have the script on y phone...sigh.

The plan is to take this presentation to NYC for the UN Comission on the Statys of Women, and then to Indianaopolis, for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in July..would be nice to minimize the bulk of what I have to carry....

But I am not sure I have the energy to transfer the powering to keynote...we'll see.