Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dire warning or Divine Demand?

(Can't remember where I got that title but it's not original. And normally I'm so good about attributing...)
This week I am worried about keeping people awake. We had our huge Soup & Pie Bazaar today and everyone came, worked and is tired. Assuming they make it tomorrow, if I move into the pulpit at sermon time, the eyes will droop and close. Not only that, I decided weeks ago to use the Amos 5 text that is highlighted on our Living Word Bulletin Covers. So I'm hitting a tired group with Amos 'dire' prophecy. Here's what I've decided to do. For the first time, I'm doing a complete sermon with a Keynote (powerpoint in mac) presentation. If I've done this right, here it is, minus my words.
Amos for Today

I hope I can then share the Matthew 25 story of sheep and goats from memory.
This is the plan. Assuming my WIFI connection cooperates, I plan to show the show from the iPad and control it from the iPhone. I even rigged up a hokey signal booster in the office to give me an extra couple of feet at the front of the sanctuary. I think I'd better take my macbook, just in case. This will be an adventure that will at least keep ME awake. Pray for me, or you could just come tomorrow and see how this all comes out...


ramona said...

Wow! What a great presentation! I love how straight you are about the good news/bad news. Tell it like it is!

Sharon said...

Wonderful! Not to worry about keeping people awake. This makes so much sense. Thanks!

Terri said...

This is fabulous. I have iWork, but how to you get it to project on a screen? Are ther cables from the iPad to a projector? Or are you using a lap top? Did you create it on an iPad or a Mac. Let me know one day next week... After you have preached it, and also, how it went.