Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vacation - Staycation

Total relaxation takes getting used to. I played golf on Monday, 18 holes! Which is unusual for me. It was a good thing because the first 9 holes were awful. Tuesday, I met my goal of not leaving the house since it was so hot. I read and watched TV and did hardly anything. Today I read this morning and did a little (!) workout, then went to the National Mall and spent a couple hours at the American History Museum and a quick look at the Hope Diamond (outside its setting) next door. We couldn't find a Metro parking spot anywhere so we drove and finally found a spot on Madison. It was a quick drive home on Rt. 50 before traffic got bad. A good day.

Tonight we go to a neighbor's for dinner. Maybe I'll go to another museum later this week. Tomorrow I go get my haircut and visit with friends (hopefully). At least I got the hair appointment!

Oh my reading so far, besides Christian Century, is E.P. Saunders, Jesus and Judaism
I read most of it in 2007 but reread the opening chapters and hope to skim the rest before beginning my fun book, The Lacuna, which I'll probably start later tonight.

Relaxing. Oh and someone from the congregation did die, unfortunately, but she hadn't attended since I began (until last Sunday) and the family decided to go with a church with whom they had a relationship. I guess the vacation "jinx" thing is true.

I could get into this kind of life!

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