Friday, August 27, 2010

End of August, already?

Can it be the end of August? It feels so much cooler and I am loving the temperatures. Yet I feel the pressure of things not finished and some never got started! It's hard to believe that vacation and a writer's conference kept me away from blogging for so long. And now that I'm back? Well here's a brief thought from this morning until the sermon notes come together.

As I write it appears the worst of the very hot days of summer are over. Beautiful weather is a gift that we take for granted until the temperatures rise over 90 degrees. When we sweat and groan when stepping out of the air conditioning is required, we remember the gift of “good weather”. Even as we enjoy a few cooler days, complete villages and towns in Pakistan struggle to survive severe flooding. Life on this planet is diverse and calls us to constantly be aware of our surroundings and all humanity of which we are a part. Each day we view life in both small and large perspective. Each day we pray for those close to our hearts; family, friends, AND those far away who hope someone remembers. May we live in the challenge of holding near and far together in our prayers as we enter the usually busy fall season.

May my busy days never keep me away from prayer.

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