Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Set Face

In post Civil War America, a man was walking through rural Pennsylvania. He was headed home to Richmond, Virginia and looking forward to his reunion with family he had not seen in some time. He stopped to spend the night in a boarding house then sat at the dinner table with other boarders. They began to share travel stories of all the places they had been and seen. It was a turbulent time and many former soldiers had stories from western states no one else had visited. But all the young man could talk about was his home in Richmond. He was soon excluded from the conversation and left completely alone after dinner. The other guests were northerners and did not want to hear repeated tales from the rebel state They just couldn't socialize with him because he had set his face on Dixie.

A possibly intro to this week's Luke text in chapter 9. Will it work?


Mompriest said...

he set his face on home. on family and love and where his life was. It was all good, but he also missed out on a lot - the adventures of others, and the possibility of another direction?

Made me, I can see it as an opener....

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

I'll see, I jotted some sermon notes and maybe I can revise this for an opening. thanks for the comment.