Thursday, June 10, 2010

A look at the Unity Service; PICTURES

A few pictures from last Sunday's incredible worship service are here for your viewing. More can be found on Facebook. I could follow just enough Spanish to see where we were in the scripture. (That's Pastor Portillo reading on the left. I was totally lost when Pastor Kaysarn and others read in Khmer.

And yet there was a sense that one could understand. It wasn't the direct words, just knowing the scripture, which was heard in all three languages and reading body language, helped us comprehend.
I told the whole story of Lazarus after the scripture was read. Then all three pastors took turns preaching followed by special music from each congregation. The children were really involved but I don't want to post those pictures.
This is Pastor Kaysarn preaching.
"Oh for a thousand tongues to sing" in Khmer. How appropriate!

We have no trouble following Pastor Portillo! Everyone can feel the spirit move during his powerful preaching!

A full sanctuary and the use of technology added to the ease of transitions and the different kinds of music.
We sang "What a friend we have in Jesus" in all three languages at the same time.
Then there was food!
A picnic:
Arlington COB cooked the hot dogs.

And there has to be SPRING ROLLS!
Food, fun, fellowship, all the right ingredients for a summer afternoon.

And ALL God's people said, AMEN.

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