Saturday, February 20, 2010

Top 10 Brethren Sins by Walt Wiltschek

There are many great blogs to read about Lent. Check them out on the CCBlog network. HERE. For this first Sunday at our congregation we will hear a dramatic reading of Ps. 91 and the Luke 4 texts with lovely meditative music played in between. Then the sermon time will focus on "What Brethren Believe about Sin. I will begin with a quote from the COB's unofficial stand-up comic, who is currently the campus pastor at Manchester College. Walt edited the Messenger magazine for the denomination for many years. He wrote the Top Ten Brethren Sins at the request of our worship team and put them in commandment form. You've got to know brethren to get it, but here they are.

By Walt Wiltschek - The top 10 Brethren sins:

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s prayer covering.
9. Thou shalt not refer to female members of thy denomination as “cisterns”
8. Thou shalt not enjoy the baptism so much that thou goeth back under for a fourth dip.
7. Thou shalt not have fewer than three popular Brethren hymns on your iPod at all times.
6. Thou shalt not steal someone’s spot in the Annual Conference microphone line.
5. Thou shalt not go overboard on “going green” by substituting solar power for oil in the anointing service.
4. Thou shalt not try to get a discount at McDonald’s by claiming the “Big Mac” was named after your church’s founder.
3. Thou shalt not engage in interchurch trash talk such as, “You started a thrift store? Woo-hoo…well, we started Heifer Project!”
2. Thou shalt not stay with a Brethren host and at snack time say, “Oh, I don’t like ice cream.”
1. Thou shalt not give into the urge to tickle thy neighbor’s feet during love feast.

This should be a good way to kick off a serious discussion about sin, right?