Saturday, February 13, 2010


Life has returned to normal, well almost. The streets have giant walls of snow. People still have to walk in the street and there's only one lane in most places. There seems to be no where left to put the snow but on top of other snow. My husband even saw a front end loader piling snow on top of a car that hadn't been cleared. I feel for THAT person. Driving is like being a rat in a maze. GPS sales should go up because one really can't see what street is next. We all need some extra guidance in this post-storm snowy world. AND, when the sun comes out and glares off the mounds of snow and long white stretches of lawn, it is blinding. Too shiny for clear vision.

I guess the crowd around Moses felt that way when he returned to the post-revelation world at the foot of the mountain. Moses was too shiny for clear vision and had to be covered up. Remember that song, "My world's so bright I have to wear shades"? That was Moses' world.

When Jesus came down from the mountain of transfiguration his story was a secret. The shiny revelation that James, John, & Peter had seen was not to be told until after Jesus' death and resurrection. Too shiny for words, I guess. Or perhaps Jesus' knew that J, J, & P didn't have the right words yet. They wanted to keep the world shiny, when there was too much messy work ahead.

Sometimes I'd like to keep the world full of snow. Sure it's a pain to drive between the white walls but it is also an excuse to do things differently, to change a schedule, to stop and visit, to talk more with neighbors in the street. All things are different and we are all trying hard to overcome the same obstacles. A snowstorm (x2 or x3) like this one is a 'lifeboat' experience and those of us having gone through this together are bonded by the experience. I want that to last even after the snow melts. James, John and Peter were able to share their shiny experience after the events of crucifixion and resurrection in a way that others got the point of what had happened. I hope we can do the same.

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Mompriest said...

the shininess of sun reflecting on snow is a great metaphor for the Transfiguration...and, I love snow.