Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Giving Up or Taking On?

Lent is here and I'm faced with the question that I haven't answered all week, what do I give up? I often give up chocolate. It's the hardest thing for me to leave behind. (Except for coffee which is such a staple of life, I can't seem to exist without it.) I certainly am reminded often of what I have given up and am afforded the opportunity to reflect on Lenten discipline and the cost of discipleship many, MANY time per day when I crave chocolate. It is an answer to my search and a good one for the point of Lenten fasting.

Many of us 'take on' something for Lent. It is a time for special devotionals, extra or new habits of Bible reading, additional times of prayer or some other practice that will aid our spiritual journey. In our congregation, many of us have taken on a new spiritual formation task this year. Perhaps Lent is a time to refine that process and be more intentional about our daily effort. For years I've tried to add a mid-day prayer to my routine without success. Perhaps this Lent is the time to try again.

So I wonder, what are YOU giving up or taking on? And why did you choose this particular Lenten discipline? How does it help you focus on your walk with God? I hope you stop by here long enough to answer.


Mompriest said...

I am giving up stability and taking on I prepare to move across country and into an unknown future.

電信 said...
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Rev Nancy Fitz said...

I think there is more taking on than giving up this year. Interesting, I'm doing a little of both.