Sunday, December 20, 2009


Isn't is amazing how a big snow can change everything? Like so many other congregations we canceled services today. The sun was shining but everyone was snowed in or plowed in or not even plowed yet. My husband said there were car-sized mounds of snow strewn along the parkway where people had abandoned their cars. The Federal government is closed tomorrow to allow time to shovel and plow out lots and buildings. All this excitement and Christmas is this week. (Plus they are calling for a freezing mix on Christmas.)

I don't imagine shepherds had to deal with mounds of snow, just white and black sheep who might have been a bit unruly after experiencing the Glory of God and a host of angels. Big things change life very quickly and nothing looks the same on the other side.

I hope our Christmas will be a big thing (not another snow event) that will cause everything to look differently on the other side. Our whole lives are on the 'other side' of the first Christmas and everything IS different. It just takes a reminder to pull us away from the priorities of shoveling and getting out to work and the store. Big events are good things when they cause us to reexamine life.

I trust that all the earth will be blessed with God's big event as we are drawn into a day of remembering and reordering priorities on December 25.

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