Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent IV, all together now

This Sunday is a special one because in our congregation we have several people scheduled to share music and song. I was working on worship yesterday and realized that it is only slightly different than a 'normal' Sunday. We have so many gifted people who participate in worship that we've only added a couple extras for this Sunday.

The Advent commentaries have drawn me into the whole Christmas story which will be part of the service. We won't hold anything back or worry about repetition on Christmas Eve. There are too many people waiting to hear the good news again so we will tell it with story and song.

Meanwhile, there are so many things to do in my personal life regarding homes and set up and clean up at the 'old house'. But we are getting there and today may be the 'last day' for cleaning. Here's hoping that my personal turn toward Christmas will begin today. Maybe a tree will even get put up and decorated..one day soon.

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