Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Repeats

So how is it that one keeps finding things to say about the Christmas texts? I've not done that many advent sermons but the themes repeat so I guess the 'trick' is developing them in different ways, different stories of the stories. Creative worship should help, even if I repeat a thing or two.

Meanwhile, snow has me feeling more like Christmas among the boxes that are still piled high at the house. But oh how nice it was to drive over to the church during the heavy snow this afternoon. Very, very nice to be so close.

The move is very disorienting. I guess 22 years in one place tends to make one feel strange to move. Still, I can't help but wonder if increasing age makes the feeling worse. I see it in elderly who have to move and I'm feeling a bit of it myself. There's joyful surprises too, like finding old pictures and discovering things in the back of the closet. Then sad stuff, like the dishes that broke. And needing so many, SO MANY rolls of shelf paper.

I'm ready to watch a Christmas movie, and drink tea. But there's more to finish in the kitchen. I'm determined to get a bit more done tonight even if my ankle hurts.

Snow does seem to make things magical.


RJ said...

Nancy... i haven't checked in for a bit: blessings to you in your new digs. And I think you've hit upon an advent theme in your moving, yes? Lots and lots of longing and uncertainty - trust that it will be right once the new patterns become clear - but lots of ambiguity right now. I love your writing. Advent blessings.

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

Thanks for reading. I love the way you put my struggle into context and I think it's just what Sunday's sermon needs.