Friday, May 23, 2008

Where Mom has gone before.

Number One daughter texted from train on way to Firenze this morning - well her morning, my middle of night. . . The "3forItaly" should be in that beautiful city and I just know that Florence will rival Rome for her passion. How strange for me to have been there before her; the art history guru. I've become accustomed to following the kids in discoveries. After all, many of the bands I like, I've heard about from Number One Son. The baroque artists were a gift from daughter. Isn't life interesting that we raise our kids, introducing them to our loves and passions like the outdoors, reading, etc. Then they grow up and begin to introduce us to their loves and passions.

Does the same truth apply to religious faith? We introduce children to our belief systems through Sunday School attendance. I wonder if we clearly convey our passion for the faith and our love of God. Is it just the American "hands off religion" that makes me feel it is so personal? Yet how I want them to experience the intimate relationship with the Divine that is open to everyone who seeks.

The lectionary texts have not been on my plate this week since I'm on vacation, but Acts; as in the Acts of the Apostles, has. It is a record of the journey of the early church as it passed on the faith to succeeding generations and passionately shared faith with friends and strangers alike. It is more than information on the practices of the early church and the travels of Paul. There is real insight into how to share faith and it comes from listening to the heart and spirit. So, I'm reading Acts and grabbing a hold of the holy wind as it blows because passion is more important than planning when it comes to sharing what we love.


Sally said...

Thank you for this great post, ( and welcome to revgals) what you said about your children really resonates with me. I have gained so much richness from mine, and Praise God am learning from theor faith, my son Chris sent me a letter recently that made me cry, if I'd known God as he does at his age....

Jiff said...

The sharing of passions is so personal and so precious when it occurs.
Thaks for this great post-- and welcome to revgals!

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

Thanks to Sally and Jiff, I do enjoy meeting new blogpals. As the 'kids' grow they become such an interesting part of adult life.

revabi said...

I agree what a great post.

Welcome to revgalblogpals.

Good questions. I have kids myself and have been trying to figure that out too.

Hope you have a great vacation and all.