Friday, May 9, 2008

Holy Mother Spirit on Pentecost

The combination of Mother's Day and Pentecost intrigues me. I've never thought of the Holy Spirit as mother; giving birth to the church, yet is is so appropriate. The tongues of flame alight on each one birthing in us new life, energy and hope. That new life went forth from a room in Jerusalem to give birth to a full movement in the world. Each place the flame of new life touched, gave birth to a new congregation. Each congregation is a womb in which lives are touched by that same Holy Spirit, giving birth again and again to life, and so on. It comes to us, this Spirit, having birthed in us the desire to respond to Ultimate Love with a life of our own.

We are each mothers then, responsible for nurturing the life we've been given. Each congregation receives the spirit as did Mary at the annunciation. As a whole Christian people we respond, 'Let it be to us, according to your word.' When we do so, we can be used as mothers, to give birth, with God's very spirit, to new life in this world. Christians, congregations, loving acts of kindness, I guess they are our children.

Pentecost IS Mother's Day.

(Thanks to Quaker Pastor for 'birthing' the idea in me.)


Diane said...

I have thought of the Holy Spirit as feminine, but not as mother, either. great thoughts!

ElastiGirl said...

Great post - my sermon for tomorrow is very much on this same thought line... I love it!