Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Mornings

Some Sunday mornings you are surprised by a call; major sickness in a member.
Some Sunday mornings you sit in prayer and then review your sermon.
Some Sunday mornings you read the central point...and realize you might have failed to actually make it your central point.

Thanks Eric Barreto.
“The Way” is a powerful metaphor for Christian identity. Instead of being identified by a set of beliefs, these faithful communities were known by their character in the world

Christian faith was a way of life and one that impelled individuals and communities to leave the safe confines of home and church to walk on the road God had set out. “The Way” suggests that faith is a living, active way of life.” (


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ralfington said...

Sometimes, it is not up to us to ensure that we have "made the point". We have to pray that the Holy Spirit will be made known and take up the slack for us. Always leave room for the Holy spirit to act. REM