Monday, March 21, 2016

Holy ---Holy Week, Batman!

I often wish I had super powers when Holy Week arrives. Or at least the enhanced capabilities of Batman. Perhaps better would be the BatCave in which to retreat! (but that's for next week)

Feet washing at ACoB
I am working on a Love Feast service for Thursday that will include stories from others and from years past. I wish I had all the replies I'm looking for, but perhaps today and tomorrow will pull it together. It will be hard to top last year's where we had characters from the past tell their stories.

Our focus has been "Telling Our God Stories" thanks to the Rev. Sarah Dorrance DMIN project, adapted for Lenten texts and Brethren peculiarity. We still have one more Sunday and some small group studies to complete.

Good Friday is an ecumenical service with our partners Bethel UCC and Arlington Forest UMC and will include all the scriptures readings plus scents and sounds. Now to find all the sounds I need. Yup, lots still to do.

But today is Easter Sermon writing at the Buzz Coffee shop. Our Lectionary Group has been so wonderful and these marathon sermon-writing days have been really helpful. It's a very supportive group that keeps evolving as friends move and 'calls' change.

Happy Birthday to Cinda Brucker who gets to have a birthday in Holy Week on top of it all! whew.

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