Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Back To Work - end of August edition

I thought I was ready.... I've only technically been back to work for two days. AND being it's the end of August, I'll admit I'm "easing back" into work. Yet still, I found myself missing those carefree days of vacation. It must have been today's AWESOME weather. WOW, when do you get 80 degree weather in the late afternoon in August in DC with low humidity? = I can't ever remember it!

Although I took this picture a week or so ago when still ON vacation, it was the same  kind of beautiful day today. When I got home from a bit of a crazy office day, I needed coffee to find the energy to go to the gym. So dressed in my gym clothes (so I wouldn't change my mind) I fixed a K-cup of coffee, and sat out on the deck in the shade to drink it. I almost didn't go to the gym just because it was so captivating to sit back and stare up at the clouds.

When was the last time you looked at clouds and tried to describe them in terms of objects? Today I 'saw' one of those ancient Greek statues of nudes lying on a couch with their back to the audience. "She" almost turned as the cloud moved past. ahh well. I did get a workout in after the coffee rejuvenated me.

Now I'm reviewing my assignments for the UCC history/policy class I'm taking at Wesley this fall and thinking about how to pack in the visits I want to make. AND continuing my planning for our monthly Big Sunday and discerning how to weave in my ideas for changes in worship and grouping and... you get the picture. Life will be full again and those days of blissful summer will be memories only. So I guess the answer is to build in golf and play as much as possible while the weather holds and try to keep perspective.

I learned a lot about the value of sabbath over the month I was off and I need to keep BALANCE in my life. Perhaps BALANCE is a state of mind. I often figured it was a matter of traveling fast enough to keep the bike going. (Bicycle 101) but just maybe there is another way to ride. . .

(Image: Fun at last night's Nat's game. a WIN!)

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Terri said...

How lovely that you had a month off! I have had to break my time up into pieces, a week here and a week there. Sigh. Part of me likes to do that but then the thought of having a whole month in a row, and the deep relaxation that might come from that is very enticing. I hope your re-entry is filled with goodness and inspiration and not just the same ole same ole....