Thursday, June 4, 2015

Why I left politics

Actually there are many reasons why I left politics.
1. I couldn't continue as 10th District Democratic Chair, manage seminary, and a part-time job.

2. I found it difficult to split my time between a candidates campaign needs and my seminary work.

Peter Schwartz currently
a supervisor in Fauquier

3. I found a part-time church ministry position that better suited my interests.

Nokesville Church of the Brethren

But those are the practical concerns.
I was also realizing it was increasingly hard to hold onto the ideals that I entered politics to maintain. I became so "practical" about what was politically feasible that I missed opportunities to be the person making a stand, making a difference, and working for justice. (I still lament some of my statements and work or lack of work for real justice and equality.)

and then there were the realities...
politicians find it difficult to not lie
politicians find it difficult to keep promises
politicians find themselves caught up in the same quandaries that I did. Deciding between possible, practical and right.
(I know I'm generalizing so I apologize to my political friends who have managed somehow to remain above the fray.. at least for the most part.)

And seriously, when I needed the "influence" I had after managing a campaign for a winning local candidate, he called, apologized and voted against my position. SIGH (and it was a big personal deal at the time). The really sad part was I UNDERSTOOD the POLITICAL REALITY. see? SEE?

Where's justice and right fit into all of that?

SO here's a link to my latest "political" involvement. Not for a party candidate, but for a cause.

Reevesland Learning Center is a tremendous resource for urban agriculture, education, and community building. The Center hoped to expand into the renovating farmhouse, keeping the historic property for public use while sharing beyond school children to the many adults interested in learning more about growing food.
The Arlington County Board has voted to sell the property. (3-2) If you are interested in what happens next. Contact me and I'll tell you about an upcoming rally of public support for SAVING the Farmhouse.

Watch the video from Channel 9 news. They did a great job of capturing the moment.

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What a terrific cause to support!