Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday - work day

Good morning friends, it is still morning, barely. I have finished most of worship, leaving a little room for the Holy Spirit in the prayer. Time to edit the sermon I finished at 10:45 last night. Then it's time for visits, hospital and otherwise. Perhaps there will be time for a final edit and a couple hours down-time. This is a good Saturday work day. The really busy ones leave no time for edits until late evening and early Sunday. (Truthfully, Sunday often gets an edit ... it just sounds different by then.)

What are your Saturdays like? Do you rest or work? Is there time for a workout and where? I would love to schedule another one of those. Mine have been pitiful this week, when I've had time to squeeze one into the schedule. Hmmm, remember those days when I fit the gym into every lunch hour?

Thankfully, I set my own schedule most days and am able to begin with quiet time, devotions, and reading for work. Otherwise there would never be enough slow time to focus. And knowing that some nights I get home at 9-9:30, I figure the morning should be the time I need to rest or read. But I don't know if the balance is right. In fact, I'm pretty sure the balance is off right now. Maybe it will return during Lent? What are the chances of that?

So what is your daily schedule? How do you balance active and passive time?
Love to know....