Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shadow Walking

Last Sunday we had 'Church In a Circle'. We adapted ideas from, expanded some of the interactive things we often do 'over the pews' and it was really great. It does not lend to posting a 'sermon' but perhaps I'll put up my notes on the text that I used for the 'conversation'.
The whole worship was truly one of community sharing with each other their love and thanks to God!

This season of Epiphany is a time of claiming our Christian identity. I've been reading Almost Christian' by Kenda Creasy Dean and recognizing too many of us in its pages.

So we are using the lectionary texts that fit perfectly with the following themes:

Claiming Our Christian Identity: Baptized, Gathered, Workers, Rejected, Revealed
We put the above title in the bulletin 2 weeks ago and will again as we move on to 'workers' as in 'Continuing the work of Jesus' this week.

Main Lodge at Shepherd's Spring

Even as I am lifted by the response of the congregation at this time, at our Shepherd's Spring retreat, and in conversations with members and friends, I feel a shadow of change. 

Good change? Yes, each week someone new walks into worship. Often the 'visitor' (soon to be friend) could be labeled a young adult. In fact, they are a child of God, with some Church of the Brethren, or Mennonite experience. Usually someone who was involved in church 'at home' and missed that sense of Christian community now that they are in the D.C. area. 

We welcome them, invite them to lunch, get an email so they can be invited to our monthly Young Adult Gathering in DC. and we hope (and often do) see them again. 
The shadow is from our 'departing' members.

Today I seek to live in the shadow. 

To resist the temptation to try to be everything to everyone. 
To listen for the voice of God for the words to respond.
To follow the call of God's Spirit, moving so strongly in this congregation in recent weeks - Spirit; active among these faithful servants, calling us to not back away from who we are but to CLAIM our identity as Christ's followers.

Me and My Shadow

For now, that means some shadow walking. . .

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