Friday, March 16, 2012

Sick on Sermon day

I've acquired my husband's cold. At least it is coming on strong! I am always amazed at how much a sore throat and the beginnings of a stuffy head can mess with my brain. Perhaps all the coffee I'm drinking will help me through the fog.
Meanwhile, it is sermon-writing day. fortunately from my home office. I am very grateful that thanks to a generous gift from the congregation at Christmas, I have someone coming to clean the house today. (A new friend, Maria, who will help me learn Spanish I think.) I actually did a bit of cleaning on Tuesday because I couldn't stand the mess, but not like she does it. She is really a pro! So I will head down to my office after I pick her up and see if my brain clears. Perhaps I will take a jug of water, some "EmergenC" to drink, and more coffee.
For now, I sit at the window, drinking my 2nd cup, listening to the dog down the street bark endlessly (she sounds like ours who is laying quietly at my feet.) and contemplate the day. We finally have a cooler breeze befitting March. Maybe we will be granted some needed rain.

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Terri said...

oh dear, I'm sorry you are ill. I just recovered from a bad cold - took lots of zicam and airborne, a zinc/magnesium/calcium combo and a b-complex. I hope you recover quickly! and that the sermon was written. I got mine in draft form today because I am attending a series of presentation by Marcus Borg (first one tonight was good) two more tomorrow morning plus lunch with him and other clergy.