Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Sunday Coma

A missed call just woke me from my Sunday afternoon nap. I know many people, especially preachers who need this weekly rest. After a morning of being 'out there' I need alone time and rest. I turn from my typically extroverted self to a total introvert on Sunday afternoon. It is my sabbath rest and a time of doing next to nothing. My daughter calls it my 'Sunday Coma'.

I don't even talk to the family much. I don't fix dinner and often don't eat dinner. I lay on the bed under warm covers and read & nap. If I. Feel particularly energetic, I will watch TV. I'm much like a slug, I'm just here and not going anywhere- no matter how tempting the offer would be on another day of the week. Almost nothing can pull me from my coma.

But tonight I've accepted an invite to join a neighborhood group at dinner. Sigh. I've given thought to this and almost cancelled several times yesterday, but so far I plan to put my suit back on and go. I may not be good company, I don't need to eat again, and will need more coffee to get there, so we shall see about this. But I have a few hours left to my coma. And my afternoon cup of coffee can't put a dent in this much loved coma. Adios

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Terri said...

weird, I had a phone call that pulled me out of my Sunday meditation - which is my version of a holy nap. I hope the evening outting goes well, even as you are tired and not feeling up to itl