Saturday, September 17, 2011

Strange Stress

Getting ready to leave on vacation right after worship may not be the smartest way to begin vacation. Today has been a stressful day! It was busy anyways, due to a scheduled service project at church where Pro-Shred donates time with their shredding truck and we collect donations for the local food bank in exchange for access to the truck. It is popular and successful. I knew the day would be busy, but found myself pulled in too many directions; all good, but too many. So a meeting (I forgot about), some individual "conferences" that were very full of good ideas and potential, and lots of little things, including a flyer for next month's service project. All this was followed by an interview of the person we hired for our 6-month Project Coordinator. By the time I was left alone at the church, I was tired, but excited to get home with a couple hours before dinner. Then I saw the boxes that had not been broken down. So I spent some time, cutting folding, stacking and cramming boxes. I think it took what little energy I had left. So when I got home, I was starting to 'snap' at people, at least when a simple little exercise of moving cars around turned into a bit more. Funny how things can push you over the edge.

Now I've fixed a simple dinner and we ate. I got my laundry done, my carry-on bag is packed, my hair is half done, and I'm about to check in with Rev. Gals and finish worship. I still don't have a good handle on the children's time, but it won't be the first time that flopped. sigh. Still I'm feeling much better and the large iced herb tea is doing its job of relaxing my weary body.

I used to deal with this kind of stress all the time. I am so grateful that I only have days like this occasionally. Thanks be to God that this one is almost over and vacation does begin later tomorrow. Meanwhile, I pray for a good night's rest and the presence of mind to lead this wonderful congregation in worship tomorrow.

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