Thursday, September 8, 2011

Disappointments and Rain

Daughter and SIL couldn't get into the apartment they wanted. It has been such a traumatic month for them with the flies poring into their newly rented apartment and getting out of that lease. So they are back with us for a while until the right place shows up. Sad for them. NOVA is a tough place to get a start.

The rain has been pouring and pouring down. Unbelievable amounts of rain. I just saw a video on Twitter of Four Mile Run at south George Mason Drive and the run was within a foot or two from the bridge with traffic whizzing by. Normally the sidewalk goes under the bridge but it was all underwater.

Our power returned thankfully and I'm charging everything and leaving the candles out on the tables in case the other band of rain comes through. The ground is so soft that more trees are likely to fall.

I hope this rain doesn't impact Saturday's wedding in Staunton. It's outdoors but there is an indoor backup plan.

Prayers for
Those evacuating or caught in the storm and for husband who just got called out to see if the switch case (sits by the river) is even still there. I don't know how close he can get. Prayers also for the families of the 2 people who were killed when swept away by flood waters tonight.

1.4 million people without power in San Diego down into Mexico. It seems like it Is a tough night all around. (and how are the Packers doing?)

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