Friday, June 3, 2011

June Newsletter Message

Pastor’s Post – What’s New?
            Have you ever asked someone, “What’s New?” This common question is a way of bringing people together and updating each other on their lives. Friends who share a lot may ask, “What’s new with ______?” to catch up on a person or issue. People who haven’t seen each other for a long time, ask “What’s New?” to learn new major events in their friend’s life. Sometimes I’m asked, “What’s new at church?” This month I have a few “new” answers.
            We have a new website that is almost ready for ‘prime-time’. You can view it at the address above and let us know what you think. We are making final edits to the permanent frames and will often be updating the timely references. The new website grew from the work of the Outreach Idea Committee.
            We have a Facebook organization page. If you are on Facebook, you’ve likely seen it and “liked” it but please tell your friends to “like” us too. This page is a great way to highlight events, post photos of happenings, and get messages to people.
            We have a Twitter account. While not many of our members are on Twitter, more and more organizations and individuals are ‘tweeting’ through their day. One of my favorites is CoB_Peace because I know that Jordan Blevins is the usual ‘tweeter’. It’s a great way to keep up with people and share their day across any distance.
            We have a new Recording System that allows us to record onto compact flash cards and copy each Sunday’s worship service to cd (found with the bulletins for past weeks) and be posted to the new website.
            We have new microphones which you’ve heard used for several weeks. There are still occasions where static electricity ‘pops’ in the system, but the new microphones have increased sensitivity and flexibility, while eliminating interference.

            New ways of communicating add to but don’t replace our face-to-face contact on Sundays and other days. I hope you’ve met some of the new faces that arrived this year and keep a lookout for visitors to give them our new Welcome Folders.
            We will soon have “NEW” worship hours, actually it’s just our summer hours, but the 10:00 AM worship time will be new for 2011 and begins on June 12. (We will return to 11:00 AM the Sunday after Labor Day.)You can’t miss the new decoration in the narthex that is related to our fundraising for the bathroom renovation. It’s not every church that has a toilet in their narthex.

            As we conclude the season of Easter that celebrates new life with the Unity Service on June 5, we move into the season of Pentecost on June 12 with our 10:00 worship time and rejoice anew with Christ’s Holy Spirit. Now that you can answer, “What’s new at church?” I hope you will share “What’s new with you” in person. See you on Sunday.  

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