Monday, June 13, 2011


Death takes a great toll on the living. Wednesday I officiate at the third funeral in eight days. I am honored to be invited into people's lives at such a delicate time. Perhaps in some way I can share God's love of humanity with a few words that help them remember the life of their loved one. Love doesn't end at the grave, even though we dearly miss someone who leaves this life. There is great sadness at the time of such a loss. There is also an amazing ability to meet each day and keep going. I watch people whose lives are devastated by the loss of a spouse or sibling or dear friend, and yet they DO get up and make it through each day - one day at a time. Perhaps it is also the gift of Divine Eternal Life that we have the ability to just keep living. The spark within us just won't give up until our own final day.

I am feeling the weight of an "end perspective" as I continue to read appropriate texts and search for sacred readings. There needs to be affirmation of life that goes along with remembrances of those who are gone. Since one of the services was for my dear high school friend, I know I too need that affirmation. The walk on the beach on Saturday, after Gary Steve's service helped. Perhaps a recharging day for me is in order soon.

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Terri said...

Oh gosh, yes. It is a blessing to walk this sacred journey with others. But it is also very hard. Praying for you.